Who grew your beef and is it aged?
Who grew your beef and is it aged?
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About Us

We Don't Ranch to Sell Beef

- We Live For It



For 7 generations Elder Farms and Ringler Ranch has been raising high quality beef.  Not generic boxed beef you get at the grocery store or some steak company over selling wet aged out dated beef.  Great DRY AGED beef raised on our ranches and sold at a fair price.  

These days, that is rare, and it is key to great eating experiences, return customers, and successful fund raising.  

Shawn Elder and Justin Ringler have been ranching all of their lives.  Four years ago they decided to create Post Rock Beef as a way to help further expose their children to the beef industry.  Today both families work together raising and selling the best quality beef money can buy.  

Our mission has always been:  We are here to provide the best beef money can buy, and help educate the public, especially our families, about the beef industry.

Post Rock Country

North Central Kansas is often referred to as "Post Rock Country."  In the 1800s when our families helped settle this area the only abundant building material available was limestone rock.

As you travel through Kansas you can still see the legendary limestone posts in fence lines.